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Vehicle Condition Report

Hycraft Automotive in Clontarf can conduct a vehicle condition inspection to assess the condition of most motor vehicles and provide you with a Vehicle Condition Report.

Whether you are purchasing a used car, embarking on a long trip, or just trying to decide whether to keep or sell your car, our Vehicle Condition Report will help give you the information you need to make a decision*.

The Vehicle Condition Report covers a wide number of critical areas of the vehicle. The report can be carried out on all passenger, 4WD and light commercial vehicles. To help give you peace of mind, our Vehicle Condition Report offers you a thorough understanding of common issues that can arise.

A Vehicle Condition Report provides:

  • An itemised condition* report performed by qualified technicians
  • Professional test equipment employed
  • Testing is completely independent of car dealers

*Important. There are certain items that cannot be checked without complete dismantling of components which are not covered in this report. Please call Hycraft Automotive if you have a specific concern you’d like addressed.

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