Tyres - New & Repairs


Are you starting to feel the pinch at the pump? You could be leaving money on the table. Simply inflating your tyres to the correct pressure can significantly increase your fuel efficiency, not to mention shortening your braking distance and improving handling and overall ride quality.

If your tyres refuse to remain inflated then you probably need new tyres or repairs. Hycraft Automotive have significant experience repairing and replacing tyres in the Clontarf area.


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Our tyre services include;

  • New tyre sale
  • New tyre fittings
  • Repairs where possible
  • Tyre inspections and testing


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Here are the important parts of your tyres and their function;

  • Tread lug - the raised parts of the tyre that come in contact with the road to create friction and grip. 
  • Rain groove - the grooves and voids in between the tread lugs on the footprint of the tyre. These are very important for taking water out from underneath your tire and prevent the car from ‘hydroplaning.'
  • Bead - made of harder rubber than the tyre and reinforced with wire, the bead is what connects the tire with the car's wheel.
  • Schrader valve - a handy yet simple invention which allows air into your tyres without losing too much. You probably also have these on your bicycle tyres. Make sure you always replace the little cap because it you don't have it, the valve can get dirt in it which will stop it working properly.


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