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In order to change gears smoothly your clutch must be in working order. From the flywheel to the clutch plate to the hydraulic line, there are many parts which make this simple feature work well. Problems with the clutch can surface as chirping noises, slipping clutches or hard clutches. If you are experiencing clutch issues driving can become a challenge and possibly dangerous. Do not wait a minute longer, make an appointment with our mechanics in Clontarf today.

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Why Work With Hycraft Automotive

  • Nationwide Guarantee: At Hycraft Automotive we are a Repco Authorised Service Centre. This means we are able to offer you the friendly service of a local mechanic with the peace of mind of the Repco Nationwide Guarantee.
  • Top Mechanics: As part of the Repco family, our mechanics are always kept up to date on the latest diagnostics and tools thanks to the Repco seminars and service bulletins.
  • Part of the Community: We are pleased to be a part of Clontarf and work hard to take care of and give back to our community.

Clutch Services from Hycraft Automotive Include:

  • Replace Clutch Release Bearing
  • Replace Release Fork
  • Replace Clutch Plate
  • Replace Flywheel
  • Calibrate Clutch and Flywheel
  • Replace Clutch Cable
  • Tighten Clutch Cable
  • Replace Master Cylinders
  • Fill Hydraulic Fluid
  • Replace Hydraulic Fluid Hose
  • Replace Clutch Pedal

Glossary of Clutch Components

Knowing what goes into the control of the vehicle’s gear system helps to pinpoint the possible issues. From a clutch which is hard to release to a chirping or grinding clutch it is important to be able to properly diagnose the issue. As we are all about educating our mechanics and clients we have included a short glossary of the most common clutch components.

  • Flywheel: Channels the rotational momentum from the engine.
  • Throw Out Bearing: Contained in the diaphragm spring to release the clutch and change gears.
  • Clutch Plate: Pressed against the flywheel and held in place until the clutch disengages.
  • Hydraulic Line: Brings hydraulic fluid and pressure to parts of the clutch system.

To keep your vehicle in top working order, make an appointment with our mechanics at Hycraft Automotive today!

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